Fertility Friday: Exciting day for Aculife

Well today has been an extremely exciting day for Aculife, today we got to go onsite with the Sims IVF clinic in Dublin and do our first ever Pre and Post IVF acupuncture. Now, I do hear some people say, Yawn, Boring, but left me finish. :-) This is an [...]

Fertility Friday: The Dreaded IVF 2 Week Wait..

Today I wanted to write a little about my experience with patients doing IVF and their 2 week wait. Where for some its the worst 2 weeks of their lives.... And for others it becomes the most amazing two weeks. How can so many people have so many different experience [...]

Fertility Friday – A day at Sims IVF

Fertility Friday, is our new weekly blog series where someone from the fertility team shares information about their work, fertility, assisted conception and everything in between. So today its my turn... :-) It was 9pm on a Thursday night, before I finished in my clinic. It was one [...]

Fertility Family Series – Babies Please

This post is part of our 'Fertility Family series', which will feature a different Fertility Authors take a topic once a month. It's like our "employee of the month" but less "of the employee". :-) Anne-Marie is the blogging author at BabiesPlease. We love her work as she writes from [...]

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