This is one of those questions that if Im honest… makes me a little MAD !
For some patients, they will have had issues with building the sickness of the lining. And a lot of medical people will say don’t worry the medication will fix this. 

One of the first things I always look at is the 3 main reasons someone is not getting pregnant. And they are as follows

  • Sperm is not getting to Egg, Sperm issue or Blocked tubes.
  • Sperm is not fertilising Egg, possible energy deficiency in body.
  • Implantation issue, A problem with the uterine blood.

So lets look at the third reason, implantation Issue. For me this is a very easy issue to diagnosis. We look at the period. 

A nice period is 4-6 days of full flow, bight red blood, no clots, no pain around period. This is a really good sign of a nice environment. 

Problems develop when we have a 2 to 3 day bleed, a scanty period or when the colour and constitution of the blood is not good, where there is brown bleeding, dark blood, clots. Where there is a lot of pain around the menstrual cycle. 

These are sign the environment is not 100%. And yes I know your medical team will say this is fine. I disagree. If it was all fine you wouldn’t need them. If it was all fine, you wouldn’t be getting an ‘Unexplained Infertility’ Diagnosis. 

What Im about to write right now is something I have a big big issue with. 
In a recent study of over 40,000 embryo transfers over 3 years in Canada. They evaluated the success rates of the thickness of the lining before transfer. Im going to look at 2, 8mm versus 7mm. And honest the difference is staggering….

Imagine you have two door in front of you, a red and blue door.

With the red door for every 100 women that enter the room, 43 of those women leave pregnant. 

With the blue door for every 100 women that enter the room, 34 of those women leave pregnant. 

Which door would you like to go through if you were to do an IVF transfer. 
So the difference, well, the red door is 8mm in lining thickness and the blue door is 7mm….. Imagine 1mm has such a massive massive impact on the successful outcome of an Ivf cycle. 

BTW I have gotten my wrist slapped recently by a clinic for telling my patients about this study. The response was that women get pregnant at 7mm…. 

And Im not disagreeing with that. My concern was that more people get pregnant at 8mm….. 

So make sure when you go for transfer how well your lining is doing. 
Chat soon.