Learning Centre.

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This is our new Learning Centre to help you on your journey through your IVF cycle. There are going to be some amazing resources added here to help you improve your chances of a more successful IVF outcome. We hope to add videos weekly to guide you through each stage of your IVF cycle.

Some of our Videos


Your IVF Cycle Timeline.

The whole IVF process can see very scary, here is a little video to explain what you are about to do….. So our best advice is to break each part of your cycle into a block.

– On the Pill Block
– Down Regulation Block
– Stims Block
– Collection Block
– Transfer Block
– The 2 Week Wait Block


The Two Week Wait….

For alot of couples o have gotten to transfer, believe it or not, the 2 week wait can be absolute hell, they cant sleep they cant eat. They are stressed out of their eyeballs. For me, this should be the most amazing two weeks of your life.

And I know you will say, but Gordon, if this doesn’t work. Im going to be so devastated…. And truly I get that. But what if it does work. What then. Trust me if it doesn’t work you will plenty of time to figure it out. But now in the two week wait, there is potential. And I will take that…..


Over the last 10 years I have done alot of Pre and Post IVF Acupuncture, both in my own clinic and onsite in some amazing IVF centres.  I know you will see many stories that say its amazing and others that say well, putting it mildly, its a waste of time.

The only thing I can say from my own experience and clinic trials, we were able to get a 65% live birth rate…. Maybe its just me… But do your research, find someone good. And give it a chance.

Just like you are with Mindful IVF.

Pre and Post IVF Acupuncture

Maybe I can convince you to try some acupuncture.

So Im going to be adding more and more videos on advice to help improve your chances of a successful outcome. If you have any ideas for me. Please email me at: Gordon@MindfulIVF.com