Natural Birth Induction

Natural Induction

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably in your third trimester, overdue, a little ‘over due maybe ’ and hoping to not to have that induction date that’s been set for you. At Aculife we provide a number of natural methods to support the enhancing your chances of a natural induction.

At Aculife Clinic Cork, we successfully use, acupuncture, acupressure and hypnosis to naturally induce labour for our patients. And we are very good at it. ☺

Natural methods of induction are a great way to stimulate labour.. Remember your not going to be pregnant forever, so you can trust your body to do what its meant to do, everything we do will ensure your baby is safe, happy and warm inside of you.

We have used Acupuncture very successfully for over 8 years to induce women who are over-due in their pregnancy.

Typically we start to naturally and gently induce our clients over 2-3 weeks starting at week 38, we like to gently start the process of induction early. Typically one session is required for the first week and two sessions each for week 39 and week 40. 80% of the time these treatments are all that is needed to get the process going. Sometimes a second treatment may be needed.

Although acupuncture has been, and still is, a very useful tool for induction, induction using acupuncture does require receiving regular treatment in the last three weeks. It wont happen with just one session. Using acupuncture also allows for a much easier and pain reduced birth, as well as making it easier for them when it comes to induction.

At Aculife Clinic Cork, we are big fans of Debra Betts, she is a pioneering midwife who has trained hundreds of midwives from all over the world in the use of acupressure in labour induction and a gentle birth. She has put together a brilliant book on acupressure for pregnancy, labour and post birth. So we decided we needed to also do something, we have created a booklet inspired by Debra with an Aculife twist.

You can download a copy at: Induce Labour Techniques.

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