Learn how to relax with our Fertility Balance Programme.

Conception Relaxation

A wonderful download created specifically for those who are trying to conceive naturally, the first to enhance the ovulation cycle and the second to support implantation.

Ovulation Enhancement:

Implantation Support:

They are great for helping you to relax and support you through ovulation helping to enhance the potential for an embryo to implant. ITS COMPLETELY FREE. So Download now and ‘I HOPE YOU’ ENJOY!!!

Pre & Post IVF Relaxation

This is a great program if you are about to or currently undergoing an IVF cycle. The program has 2 wonderful sessions, focusing on the most import parts of you IVF Cycle.

PRE IVF Download:

Post IVF Download:

The Hypnosis pieces are for your IVF transfer day, you play one before your transfer as many times as you need and the other right after the transfer. They will help you through the cycle and will help you to completely relax. IT’S FREE. So Download now under ‘Featured Downloads’ ENJOY!!!

Mindfulness for Pregnancy 4-6 weeks

Lots of my patients have asked for a Pregnancy Meditation. You can play this anytime from 4 to 12 weeks, but over the next few weeks I will be adding more and more sessions to the pregnancy mindfulness sessions.

Hypno-Birthing & Guide to a Natural Labour

And finally we have our Hypno-Birthing CD. You can play this anytime from 38 weeks, if your a little nervous about whats ahead this will really help you relax. And best of all its free.

So you can Download it. We also have loads of great tips for you in our blog series.

Some of our Videos

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