We live in a world where infertility has become big business. One in Four couples are now experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child in 1st world countries. Infertility Clinics are expanding at an extremely rapid rate. 2% of all babies born in America are now conceived through IVF. 10% using assisted conception. Couples are meeting later in life, focusing their priorities on their lives and careers.

In Ireland alone we have over 8 IVF clinics supporting Irish couples in the race to have a baby. The UK has reached over 125 clinics proving over 75,000 IVF cycles a year. The world is moving forward faster and faster integrating technology into every part of people lives. EXCEPT IVF.

Patients still receive an A4 sheet of paper containing the information of their upcoming cycle. The A4 sheet contains, dates of scan, drugs and side effects of medication. Ironically every patient uses their smart phone to do everything from text to email. But still carries this A4 sheet of paper in their handbag.

So I would like to introduce ‘TrIVF’ your IVF cycle BUDDY!!!!!!! He does everything from track you cycle, notify you of scans, from medication to meditation.


We are working with an amazing team to create a beautifully designed app, that represents the true nature of infertility. Our design is created in a respectful way to each of the couples who will use the app. There will be no flowers or daisies in our app…. 🙂

The algorithms being designed will allow the user to gain valuable information about their cycle. Information gained to support and improve each and every IVF cycle in the future. So do let us know what you think. And as always, have a great day. Gordon

Once all the data has been collected. A very user friendly interface has been designed, giving the user all the information they need on each specific day of their IVF cycle.


These are some of the designs we are look at currently, of course there is soon much more going on in the background giving us our amazing ‘Ferrari Algorithm Engine’ which will be the most advanced fertility app in the market place. We are super super excited… 🙂