So last Friday was the 1st ever Fertility 2.0 Conference and I was asked to do a presentation on the health and wellbeing side of fertility and IVF. I have to admit I was a little, actually, no. I was very nervous about this. There were going to be 10 presentation on the day and it turns out ole Gordo here was going to be the first to present.

Now my nerves multiplied by 10 when I saw the other speakers…. We had the famous Dr Trevor Wing taking about ‘Is your body baby friendly’ mainly about the insights of immunology and fertility. Any fertility acupuncturist would know how amazing this guy is. There was Dr Conor Harrity talking ‘PRP for the think and underactive endometrium’ Dr Zeev Bomzon from AIVF ok so I think you get where Im coming from. There were some serious rockstar IVF people here.

For me something that I have struggled with for a long time is the aspect of the patient, sometimes in IVF we get very focused on the numbers, the amh, the fsh, the drugs and medication during IVF. I always joke with other doctors that an embryo can survive in a petri dish for 6 days and in a uterus for 9 months…. Maybe we need to look more after our patients…….. So here is my presentation. I am really proud to have taken part of this conference, I have truly believe for over a decade the importance of the fertile mind during IVF. And I think I might actually be getting through to some… 🙂