Fertility Friday: Exciting day for Aculife

Well today has been an extremely exciting day for Aculife, today we got to go onsite with the Sims IVF clinic in Dublin and do our first ever Pre and Post IVF acupuncture.

Now, I do hear some people say, Yawn, Boring, but left me finish. 🙂 This is an amazing step forward from a place where there once was a separation of Western medicine and Complementary medicine, they now meet at a junction. A synergy of some sort. And I loved it.

Before today, 30th Jan 2014, all was separate, a patient looking for acupuncture on the day of transfer would normally come to us in the morning, have their treatment in the Aculife clinic and then pop up to the IVF clinic, look for a space to park the car, head into the clinics reception area and once called, get prep’ed and ready for the transfer in the clinics theatre. Then pop back into the recovery room for 30 minutes, jump back into the car and back to me for the post IVF session.

But today was so different. The patient was due for transfer at 3.30, I arrived a little after 2pm, met with the couple and we headed down to the pre transfer prep rooms. Oh, I must go back a few hours first, actually to the night before, I had a really tough decision to make, what was I going to wear….. Now if you know me this NEVER matters… I mean never….. But I was nervous, I know I always seem to be nervous about things, whether it be Fertility Mind Body programs or pre and post IVF acupuncture in a new clinic, but honestly I’m not normally nervous. Normally, in clinic, Im like a cucumber…. Calm and Cool… (I hope) unless its 8.30 in the morning, you definitely don’t want me sticking needles into you that early in the morning, wait for after 10am and I’ll have had my morning coffee and have steady hands…

So back to my choices of what to wear, 5 ironed shirts later, 2 sets of scrubs later I decide to bring everything with me in the car and decide on the way in… Decision made, going with my suit, shirt and tie…. (It was the right decision, I looked very cool….) (I HOPE…)

So got the game face on and the first thing I notice is how everyone is so nice there, I meet with the head nurse who got me all set up, the patient was prep’ed and I go to work. A few days ago, I prepared a pre IVF hypnosis for the client, didn’t take long to put together, but my OCD kept getting in the way as to which music to use, so a 20 minute recording took 4 hours to finish, but it was worth it…. ( A bit of advice for you, if your looking for good people to help you get pregnant, make sure they have slight tendencies towards OCD as its all about perfection… And you definitely want that when your having an embryo transferred… Or even with your acupuncture..)

Now in all the years I am doing this I have never never seen someone so relaxed and ready for a transfer, the hypnosis kicked in at the right time, the blood was flowing to the uterus and we were ready… 20-30 minutes later I was back in action…. I haven’t been this excited about a transfer in such a long time…. Just being involved in the whole process on site, was amazing…. The team at the clinic were amazing, the patient and her hubby were amazing, and if I dare say I didn’t do too bad my self….. I could actually retire now, and be happy. All these years of training, working with patients, the many many clinical hours and today is the day, a complete day, Thanks so much to everyone involved today, and to many many more days like today.

Oh a final word, not mine, but from ’The Last Samurai’ “I belong to the warrior (acupuncturist) in whom the old ways have joined the new.” Unfortunately they all died in the movie after that, but thats another story, for another time.

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