Infertility and Period Blood Imbalance

One of the most common causes in my clinic that I see which might be defined as unexplained infertility by your own doctor is where the  reproductive blood is out of balance.  There are two main types of blood imbalances in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. One is called blood deficiency…. The other blood stasis….. These …

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Infertility and Spleen Energy Imbalance

The Spleen Energy is a wonderful Energy when in Balance…. You feel good… you feel full of energy…. You feel grounded and are in balance….. in mind and body. However the spleen organ and its energies is not the toughest of organs unlike the liver which is tough as ole boots…..  In Chinese Medicine and …

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How to enjoy Christmas

Heather is my favourite nutritionalist on the planet… I was delighted to see her email last week with some tips for Christmas. So here you go… How to enjoy Christmas when you’re trying to have a baby…. Christmas can be a really tricky time when you’re trying to conceive. You may have put in months …

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