Fertility Clinic opens in Cork.


We are really excited at Aculife Clinic to announce that we are linking with Ireland’s leading Reproductive Medicine clinic Sims IVF ( ), to offer fertility Acupuncture to their patients undergoing treatment.

Its an exciting new future for couples in Cork who are trying to conceive.I see this as a unique venture where there is a synergy of Western Reproductive Medicine in its amazing ability for diagnosis and treatment and Reproductive Oriental Medicine in supporting the patient in a holistic manner.

The Sims clinic is Ireland leading fertility clinic using some of the most up to date technologies to support couples on their journey. Sims clinic were the first to introduce immune testing in Ireland, which is now seen as a major cause of the once ‘Unexplained Infertility’ diagnosis.  Their addition of the EEVA technique into their clinical process is showing results of up to 55% achieving pregnancy.

Aculife Clinic welcomes Fertility Clinic to Cork

I am a big fan of progressive clinics where their goal is the diagnosis of patients and not just a process drive fertility protocol. And for me, the Sims clinic is the leader in Ireland in infertility diagnostics. And Im delighter to support Sims in their opening a clinic in Cork. We have created over the last number of weeks acupuncture treatment protocols in Aculife which are specific to patient requirements doing IVF with Sims. The three main protocols are:

    • – Pre IVF Preparation Program, to provide holistic enhancement of your reproductive system.


    • – Pre & Post IVF Acupuncture.


    • – 2 Week Wait Support Program, to help you during that 2 weeks after transfer.

So if you have any queries, we would only be delighted to talk with you. Have an amazing sunny weekend.

a very excited Gordon


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