Video: A Guide to Natural Conception

Hi there, its Gordon here from Aculife Clinic, today Im going to talk with you on how we can help you enhance your fertility health when trying naturally for a baby….

We see lots and lots of couples trying for a baby, and over half our patients would be trying naturally. I want to give you a few tips today that you should really look into.

First off, get the basic fertility tests done. These can be done by your own GP and are so important. The 1st is your FSH test, this is done on day 3 of your cycle and evaluates how well your ovaries are functioning, its a simple blood test, but needs to be done on day 3 to be accurate. This result needs to be below 10 to be normal.

The 2nd test to get done is you progesterone, this is normally evaluated 7 days post ovulation, this test will tell you whether you are ovulating, or not. We like to see this result over 45.

A recent test that is now being used to test your ovarian reserve is an AMH test, this can be done at any time of your cycle .If your doctor can do it, its definitely worth doing.

One test that I absolutely would plead with you to get done is your partners sperm analysis, I know its not something you might of thought of but in our clinic 40% of all cases of infertility are due to men. So please get this tested. Its very easy to get done and we highly recommend our friends at Fertility Check. They can have the results to your partner within a few hours… Which is great..

So with all those tests done, you will have a good understanding of your potential to get pregnant.

One of the questions that I am consistently asked is when is the best time… To engage in the affairs of the bedroom… Well there are so many answers to this, all of the experts will have different approaches from:

Twice a week every week except around menstruation.

There is every day from 3 days before you ovulate and two days after.

Ever second day around your most fertility time.

And for me, well I believe 8 minutes past 8 on a tuesday night…

So honestly no one really knows the best time but in our experience, if its become very process drive and timed, and almost a chore then thats not going to work….

So how can acupuncture help, well first, its very relaxing so if your finding this whole process getting a little stressful, then acupuncture can really help you. We mainly focus on two parts of your cycle, having acupuncture around your ovulation phase and then 7 to 9 days post ovulation, where a potential implantation may occur.

Acupuncture for ovulation is used to help to enhance your ovarian function. And acupuncture 7 days later is used to support the implantation of an embryo. Our clinic usually sees people twice a month and allow your body to do the rest.

If you would like to get more information on this, please do give us a call and we would be delighted to help. Have a great day.


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