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How Acupuncture can help you in your Fertility.

This is something that I get asked weekly in my acupuncture clinic in Cork. And in one sense its a very easy question to answer, in another, impossible.

There are two main ways of looking at the human body. 
The first in a form & functional way, the other in an energetic way. 
So lets take the mobile phone as an example. ( I KNOW !!!!! )

So the form & functional aspect of the phone in Newtonian Mechanics would be the physical phone, and shape, the build the electronics the battery. All of the comments it requires to make a call. 

The energetics of the phone is the battery charge, not the actual battery itself build the charge, so its either fully charged to 90-100% or close to empty…. So everything time your battery is empty would you buy a new phone…. Another component is the signal strength of the phone, are you getting 2g, 3g or 4g connection to the local mast, and how many bars are you getting. A poor signal means the quality of the call is reduced. 

So acupuncture is a little like that. We are trying to improve the energy of the reproductive batteries to enhance ovulation, the process of fertilisation and the ability for implantation to occur. 

Just remember an exhausted tired fatigued body. Is an exhausted, tired, fatigued reproductive system. How you feel, how you are is also a representation of your reproductive system.

Its interesting how we freak out over our mobile phone batteries getting close to zero but we are quite happy to be constantly zero in ourselves… And of courses this doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. Its just your not at your optimum level for conceiving a child. 

So with the acupuncture we are aiming to improve your energy levels to the reproductive system…. We are aiming to improve the stress levels in the body, and just because you don’t feel it in the mind, doesn’t mean the body isn’t experiencing the cortisol… You may just be very good emotionally at dealing with stress, or just used to constant stress…. 

The reproductive system is extremely sensitive to change, women that run marathons, cycle or do excess swimming, notice changes in their cycles.  Flying through multiple time zones can upset a cycle or even cause you to skip a cycle. And at the time when you are not trying for a baby. It doesn’t really matter….. However when the time comes to conceive all of these things can play havoc with your reproductive system….

The second more important system, is the in uterine blood suppler. This is when more of the magic happens. Where implantation of an embryo occurs. And interestingly, for every 100 implantations that occur, the bodies immune system can reject up to 80% of all embryos trying to implant.

Imagine 80 out of 100, the immune system destroys…. And in excess cortisol, poor blood supply, low quality in uterine blood…. And we have a situation when, if Im honest, creates what is called unexplained infertility in western medicine…. But is it really unexplained….

So again with acupuncture, we focus on energy, we focus on blood supply, we focus on the stress levels…. And with a little bit of time…. A baby…. Now that’s an amazing medicine……

Chat soon…..