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IVF Success rate almost doubles using….

I was recently doing some research for a project on IVF success rates and came across an interesting article on IVF and Hypnosis. As many of you will know I have a few interesting backgrounds that I use in clinic when helping couples improve their chances of a more successful IVF.

The area Im currently working on is ‘Improving IVF Success rates’ using a balanced approach of taking care of mind/body and your IVF cycle. The body part is working on enhancing what I call the ingredients of life, sperm and egg. The better quality ingredients the better the outcome. A key thing to remember, your IVF doctor only gets to work with the ingredients you bring on the day. If there is poor sperm quality issues on the day thats what they have to work with. Likewise, poor egg issues. Either of these can lead to poor embryos. This is where I have spent my last year working on.

So this article in Pubmed intrigued me. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16566936/

Basically its saying that during the study, the results almost doubled the successful outcome of an IVF. You will all know me as a Fertility Acupuncturist and a IVF Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher through our app Mindful IVF www.MindfulIVF.com I have however never really mentioned my Cognitive Hypnotherapy training, mainly because of the bad rep its gotten over the years, IMHO due to Stage Hypnosis where people go up on stage and turn into clucking chickens….. do notice the work ‘Stage’ most of this is acting or very selective choosing of volunteers to bring to the stage. Hypnosis really doesnt work that way.

But now IVF and Hypnosis thats an interesting space that Im going to look into. Can supporting the Mind through hypnosis really double the successful outcome of a couples IVF… Lets say I’M VERY INTRIGUED…..