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Infertility and Period Blood Imbalance

One of the most common causes in my clinic that I see which might be defined as unexplained infertility by your own doctor is where the  reproductive blood is out of balance.  There are two main types of blood imbalances in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. One is called blood deficiency…. [...]

Infertility and Spleen Energy Imbalance

The Spleen Energy is a wonderful Energy when in Balance…. You feel good… you feel full of energy…. You feel grounded and are in balance….. in mind and body. However the spleen organ and its energies is not the toughest of organs unlike the liver which is tough as ole [...]

Infertility and Liver Energy Imbalance

Weird to say this but this is my absolute favourite organ…. Its definitely one of the most important organs as its the ‘Big Detoxor’ of the body….. And its a tough tough organ…..  I describe to my patients a lot that the Liver is very much like the Refuse Truck [...]

Infertility and Kidney Energy Imbalance

In Acupuncture we have a very unique way of diagnosing potential issues, especially with infertility.  There are some very specific reasons that can affect your fertility with  a strong possibility that these could be the root cause of unexplained infertility for many of you.  These imbalances could be adding to [...]

IVF in January, how to start again.

So today like many others,  is my first day back at work in my acupuncture clinic.  I truly enjoyed this xmas and the time off.  A time to reflect  A time to see where I am right now in my life and a time to plan the future.  A little [...]

Acupuncture and Living with Cancer

Not alot of people know this about my work as an acupuncturist in that, I work also, on a volunteer basis at Arc House, an amazing safe space for those living with Cancer.  I appreciate this seems such a different space considering that most of my work is in dealing [...]

Headaches and Acupuncture

I wanted to go through a list of stuff that acupuncture is really really good at helping. Unlike to look at acupuncture like a tool in a tool box. Where we have the toolbox and all of these other therapies as different tools to work on different jobs.So you have [...]

Christmas Time and Infertility

Christmas Time and IVF

What you can expect with Acupuncture from a Cork Acupuncturist.

Have you ever wondered how your acupuncturist does their diagnosis in acupuncture. If you have been to any acupuncturist in Cork there are a couple of things that you will notice.  First off we are not all trained the same, some will have done TCM, others Classical Chinese Medicine and [...]

Dummies Guide to Sperm Analysis

Ah the good ole sperm analysis….. my favourite topic….  If you ever want to make a man squirm then talk about sending him for a sperm analysis…..  that will break the toughest of men…. You want to torture a man… get him to go to an IVF clinic and provide [...]