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5 Secrets to an IVF success

Preparing for your IVF Cycle. Hi there, its Gordon here from Aculife Clinic, I’d like to introduce you to our new web video series on all things fertility, from Conception to birth. We're going to be presenting lots and lots of tips on getting pregnant whether it be naturally or [...]

Moment Choices….. Do you know who you are….

So recently I was watching an episode of ‘Greys Anatomy’, Im using one of those Apple TV thingies with an American Account so I get to see about 6 episodes ahead of the Irish releases…. :-) I promise Im not going to give away too much of the episode. But [...]

Fertility Friday: The Dreaded IVF 2 Week Wait..

Today I wanted to write a little about my experience with patients doing IVF and their 2 week wait. Where for some its the worst 2 weeks of their lives.... And for others it becomes the most amazing two weeks. How can so many people have so many different experience [...]