acupuncture cork

What you can expect with Acupuncture from a Cork Acupuncturist.

Have you ever wondered how your acupuncturist does their diagnosis in acupuncture. If you have been to any acupuncturist in Cork there are a couple of things that you will notice. 
First off we are not all trained the same, some will have done TCM, others Classical Chinese Medicine and others maybe Japanese Acupuncture. Or like me, all three. ūüôā

They are very similar in nature and to be honest unless we told you, well acupuncture is just acupuncture….. 

Wonderfully its not….  If you go to a few different acupuncturists you will find a couple of things, firstly their acupuncture training will be different, different colleges, different teachers which creates different acupuncturists. 

Our diagnosis training is very different between different types of acupuncturist schools. Some will use 5 Element diagnosis, simple put it’s using the elements of fire,¬†earth water etc.¬†
8 principles uses typically balance in yin / yang, hot or cold etc and then we look at each of the main organs of the body. 

  • Kidney energies 
  • Liver energies
  • Spleen energies
  • Lung energies 
  • Heart energies

And then we look deeper into energy and blood. Blood of course being very important as you know.  With the blood we can have blood deficiency and blood stasis. I will go into alot more depth with these over the next few days. 

It’s important to remember that these are just imbalances. If you have a kidney deficiency don’t worry your kidneys are not going to explode.¬†
And just a quick note when you are looking for a good acupuncturist in cork. Make sure they are highly trained. Make sure they have insurance cover so you can claim back with your health insurance. 

And if it’s for a specialised issue like cancer fertility or even paediatrics. Make sure they are highly trained.¬†

Have a great day today and do try acupuncture. It’s an amazing medicine.¬†