time to get pregnant

When is the best time to get pregnant !!!

I get asked this question almost twice a day. The question of when is the best time…. And there are multiple views on this question. 

You will have doctors that say well, you can get pregnant any time……. NO !!!!!!!! That’s not correct… 

I’ve heard people say you can get pregnant when you are on your period…. NO !!! That’s not correct…. 

Believe it or believe it not there are really only 3-5 days on average a month that someone can get pregnant…  And this can be at different times for different people. But everyone only has 3-5 days of a window… and its about finding your fertile window.

For some it will be day 10-14, others day 12-16 and others day 22-26….. So as you can see this is why there is a confusion… You can’t get pregnant anytime…. Just in your time… 

So how do you figure this out. Well its easy-ish…

Let me put in a few examples,

With a 28 day cycle. It can be between day 12 and day 16….. and that on the basis you are ovulating on day 14…..

Lets say you have a 28 day cycle and you are ovulating on day 18….. its day 16 to day 20…. 

And lets say you have a 24 day cycle and you are ovulating on day 10, its day 8 to day 12…. 

Now as you see from just three different cycles we have 3 different windows of fertility. 

So its important to find your window….. and from there… have fun… don’t time it. Don’t structure it… Just have fun. Let the magic happen…

Hope this helps. Have a great day