Finding a Great acupuncturist in Cork or anywhere in the world!!!!

So this morning I was at work and got a call from a new patient. After a few minutes she asked me a question that comes up once and a while. How good are you? I have to admit Its always been a tough question for me to answer. But [...]

Your Hormones in Balance… FSH, LH, Progesterone

Fertility Speak, Learn the language Just like a foreign language, we need to learn ‘Fertility Speak’ it is its own unique language with so many different terms that need to be learnt. At the start its going to seem overwhelming, and you may feel that it will never come together, [...]

Learning about your Menstrual Cycle…… :-)

For us in Aculife Acupuncture Cork, there are 4 phases, that we break the cycle into. We have the Follicular Phase and the Luteal Phase. Within those two phases there is a further breakdown. Menstrual phase, post menstrual phase, ovulation phase, implantation phase and then the pre menstrual if there [...]

Your Fertility and Age

Its really unfortunate that there are really only 3-5 days of fertility per month in a womans cycle, it would be so much easier if the body was at its peak for conception every day in a cycle, so its really important to take advantage of those fertile days. There [...]

Cork City, Acupuncture Fertility Clinic

AcuLife is delighted to announce our new clinic apposite the Cork University Hospital. Our 'New Natural & Acupuncture Fertility Clinic' is just a two minute drive from the Cork Fertility Clinic. The Cork Clinic will provide Pre and Post IVF Acupuncture Treatments, Pregnancy Acupuncture treatments and Acupuncture to help you [...]

New Acupuncturists & 8 Amazing Weeks

AcuLife Cork, is delighted to announce the starting of two new Acupuncturists. We believe it is important that we provide the best facilitates to cater for the needs of our clients. Our new and amazing therapists will be available on weekends, both have extensive and specialised training. And wow, what [...]

Video: IVF & Acupuncture, how it helps…

Below is a short video animation on IVF and Acupuncture, and how you can improve you chances of a successful outcome with you IVF cycle. If you have any questions, call us on 021-2340192. Google