Cork City, Acupuncture Fertility Clinic

AcuLife is delighted to announce our new clinic apposite the Cork University Hospital. Our ‘New Natural & Acupuncture Fertility Clinic’ is just a two minute drive from the Cork Fertility Clinic. The Cork Clinic will provide Pre and Post IVF Acupuncture Treatments, Pregnancy Acupuncture treatments and Acupuncture to help you get Pregnant Naturally.

Our team also provides an amazing new way to help you when you are pregnant and support your pregnancy from your 1st trimester all the way through to the third trimester and even help you during labour. We now provide an amazing technique for pregnant women whose babies are in a breech position, where we currently have we have an 80% success rate in turning the babies using an natural technique. Call us now for, lots of advice about well-being, nutrition, and really all things to help you get pregnant.

For further details and to find out more about what we do, visit our contact page.

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