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Different IVF Doctor, Different View

Something that I have noticed over the years is how you can go to 3 different IVF clinics and potentially can have a very  similar diagnosis in each but then have very different treatment plans. I would have assumed that go to one IVF clinic would be the same or similar. Unfortunately that’s not true. So how do we know which plan is the best plan. The clinics in design will be similar, the doctors will have trained in a similar fashion and well the drug are all the same. 

So bear with me for a moment, IVF Doctors are like football, there are different leagues, for different clubs. You have some in the premiership and others unfortunately in much lower divisions of the league. And even more confusing is that within each division there are those at the top and those well about to be relegated.. 

We have all meet and worked with amazing managers at work…. equally we have meet some terrible ones….. just like accountants, solicitors, plumbers and electricians….. there are amazing ones and well, some not so amazing ones….. 

So the question I have for you is, what type of IVF doctors do you want to work with…. One in the premiership…. Or the second division…. 
On a weekly basis I ask patients about their doctors and typically I actually get an answer… they are ok…. They are alright… 

So when it comes to your IVF journey, for a moment….. where do you think your doctor is in this league…. 

Just in Cork alone… I know of 2 Rockstar IVF doctors and 1 goodish  and well, the rest are definitely not in the premiership….  In Dublin, I can think of 3 Rockstars and 2 goodish….. 
And yes, Acupuncturists are the same, so make sure to go to a ‘Rockstar –  Fertility Acupuncturist’

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