acupuncture and heqdaches

Headaches and Acupuncture

I wanted to go through a list of stuff that acupuncture is really really good at helping. Unlike to look at acupuncture like a tool in a tool box. Where we have the toolbox and all of these other therapies as different tools to work on different jobs.So you have nutrition, physical therapy, acupuncture massage etc etc. And all these are great for different issues and not so great for others. You wouldn’t go to a nutritionalist for pain management or a physical therapist for weight issues. So its always important to look at the therapist, the therapy, and the treatment required. 

Acupuncture is amazing for headaches and migraines. It work almost, well in my experience and the experience of my clients instantaneously. And I don’t me days I mean in seconds…. 

Now depending on whether its an acute headache, a once off or a chronic, long term migraine…. It might require more than one session. But usually 1-2 sessions and you will see a dramatic improvement for 90% of headaches that are experienced. Which IMHO is AMAZING. 

Typically you will have 4-6 needles, a few in the head and another few maybe around the feet depending on the type of headache. Typical headaches are:

  • The front of the head
  • Behind the eyes with pressure
  • Over the ears
  • Dull headaches that drift
  • Very direct headaches 
  • Back of the head and neck

So with acupuncture its a very quick session and an amazing improvement in the headache. Its one of my favourite treatments as its so fast and lasts for a long time. 

So if you experience any headaches give acupuncture a chance. You will be surprised and pain free. Oh and I don’t do Hangover Headaches, you will have to suffer on with the for xmas. 🙂

As always make sure to go to a good and highly trained acupuncturist in Cork.

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