Not alot of people know this about my work as an acupuncturist in that, I work also, on a volunteer basis at Arc House, an amazing safe space for those living with Cancer. 

I appreciate this seems such a different space considering that most of my work is in dealing with Infertility and acupuncture on a daily basis.

Working with Arc was an opportunity that took me a long time, well, if Im honest, leap into. Having lost my own mother to cancer when I was 20. It was somewhere I was not open to going to….

It was very interesting though that during more advanced studies of my acupuncture training in the US, my mentor and teacher at the time, kept telling me that the two space of health I should work in were in, the support of life creation or the helping of a person through their living with cancer and if and when it came to the day of their passing, helping them to be at peace…..  Now I will admit that was way to much for me back then. I was like no way. I want to work with sports injury for international’s sports teams…… And now I look back and see all the pieces of the jigsaw that wonderfully have come together. 

One of the very very surprising things about working and supporting patients living with cancer is how, ‘Cancer’ is not their biggest concern. That really threw me… I assumed it would be the diagnosis of cancer, maybe even the treatment….. but the two main things that come up so often are, the recovery and the living with cancer. The paying of the mortgage, the kids, how their partner now, looked at them with different eyes… 
The chemotherapy and treatment for many.. was the easy part….

We need to be very careful with Acupuncture and Cancer support. These are my personal views and experience….  those going through this journey should always always always listen to their Medical team. Their doctors are their primary care…. Thats really important. 

However there is also a place for supporting people through the emotional journey of living with cancer. There is definitely a place for dealing with Cancer recovery with acupuncture. Its so important to distinguish the two. Treatment and Recover Support. 

I work in Recovery Support where unfortunately, from what I have seen (and I want to be wrong) is not really provided. Its like well you have the all clear…..  Bye Now !!!!!!! – again I want to be wrong in this observation. 

So how can acupuncture potentially help (notice my careful use of words) – well it always down to individual treatments with each patient, but I see it helping with some of the more common issues…. Hot flashes…… acupuncture can really help to rebalance the body…. Headaches and migraines….. in general amazing….. and not just because of cancer…… insomnia….. again…. Can really help someone get a good nights sleep….. the digestive system…. tick….. energy levels… most definitely…… emotional well being…… absolutely……. And again, its a shame I have to repeat this, however we are not not about the time curing cancer…… we are supporting the person…. And letting the doctors and medical teams do what they do best… an amazing job…..

So thank you Arc House for opening my eyes to a new space… for helping me to heal…. To absolutely appreciate what I have and not be giving out about my cold mocha-chino which had dairy in it, instead of almond milk….. 
Chat soon