Infertility and Spleen Energy Imbalance

The Spleen Energy is a wonderful Energy when in Balance…. You feel good… you feel full of energy…. You feel grounded and are in balance….. in mind and body. However the spleen organ and its energies is not the toughest of organs unlike the liver which is tough as ole boots….. 

In Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture when the Spleen Energy is out of Balance, we start to feel tired, then fatigued, then pure exhaustion….. our emotions get unsettled in the Mind and Body….. where the dominant emotion tends to lean towards worry…. 

Now of course, we all worry. I think its in our nature….. with everything on the planet called earth trying to kill us for the last few thousand years, from the dinosaurs think of us as an appetiser to the Vikings shipping us to Iceland, then the Black Death…… to Spanish flu killing 40 million people around 1910-ish….. you can see how we are primed to worry…. (A little)

The Spleen in Western Medicine supports the immune system at a certain level…. And filters the blood…. So you can imagine when that’s weak in its function in western medicine that’s not good. 

A lot of women tend to experience Spleen imbalance, mainly for the fact that well, the menstruate every month and loose blood, where the body has to recover and start a whole new cycle again. 

Interestingly when the spleen is out of balance, the liver goes out of balance, there’s a strong communication and relationship between then. So keep an eye on that. 

So how does this effect your fertility. Well an exhausted tired fatigued body, is an exhausted tired fatigued reproductive system… When the spleen is out of balance, it can effect energy for ovulation, energy for fertilisation of sperm and egg and then energy for implantation to occur. But also can effect the blood in the uterus….. where the blood becomes deficient…. So lets say we have a gold fish bowl…. We take all the oxygen out of the water, take all plant food and fish food out of the bowl…. Now lets put a little gold fish into the bowl….. what happens to the gold fish?    So lets say this is the uterus and we put an embryo into a similar environment….. being honest… it won’t survive……

I know and appreciate this is a very very different way at your reproductive system…… but if you have unexplained infertility…. BTW there is no such thing as unexplained infertility… just poor diagnosis……. It could be that you have one of these imbalances…

So if you are feeling tired and exhausted, a little worried about life and your daily stuff, maybe you need a recharge of your spleen with a bit of acupuncture….

Chat soon Gordon

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