IVF Process

It’s been a while….

Don’t worry Im still here. I know some of you thought I had disappeared from the planet. But no, Im back. Its been a good 2 to 3 months since I last posted something, but boy have I been busy. So some exciting news.
Over the last 4 months I have been working with an amazing team of developers to build an APP, I know every Tom, Dick and Harry is building and App, so now theres Tom, Dick, Harry and Gordon who are all building apps.
Over the last few years Ive watched hundreds of women bringing in their A4 sheets of paper, containing their IVF cycle protocol. Some have coffee stains on them, some are torn, others are in pieces stuck together with tape. And now 2015, there was as of February, no good app to track your IVF cycle. There are a few that are basic enough, that don’t function properly, and crash every 10 minutes. They were terrible.
So one saturday night after a few glasses of wine, I’d had enough…. I was going to build my own IVF Tracking App… And WE HAVE DONE IT…….  Im so so exited that were going into testing phase now for the next 8 weeks, and will be officially launching it on the 8th of November, in the Fertility World Conference in London….
Secondly, Ive opened another practice up in the Elmwood clinic, working with local Doctors to help their pregnant patients. And this I love. Its been so exciting… And the medical team and their staff are amazing…. So that has taken a lot of my time away from my writing…..
And finally…. I have been stealthy working on another project… called Induce.ie its finally done, launched and we are now open to support all those lovely wonderful ladies who want to enjoy and preparer for a more natural birthing experience.
So there you go… I haven’t forgotten about you…. Im BACK…..

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