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Natural Labour Induction for your Baby.

One of my favourite areas of fertility to work in, is of course the final trimester, those last few weeks before the baby arrives, a gentle birth. A time of preparation, a time where for some it feels like everything day now feels like a week. Where the body begins to adjust naturally in preparation for the hopefully natural birth.

As medicine has gotten better and better at what it does, BTW I love Western Medicine…. If I break my arm… Im not sticking a needle into it… to magically make it better. I heading straight up to the nearest hospital…..

With Natural labour and Induction, however, over the years…. proven methods to naturally speed up the birthing process have been lost….. methods that were passed on from mother to daughter… over the years…. and suddenly this became like a very bad divorce…. its one way or the high way…. however in my experience, there is so so much you can do yourself to bring on safely…. and naturally your baby arrival to the world… and don’t get me wrong… Im a huge fan of what doctors and midwives do and offer…. they are of course your Primary Carer and well do need to be part of the synergy….

Im going to attach my Induce pdf that you can download…. it contains a lot of what in my experience really helps speed up induction in a natural and safe way…..

However let me give you my top three tips if your about to give birth……

1) Dates – Power Balls

Dates Dates Dates are amazing from 38 weeks to 40 weeks… If your not a fan of them then create your labour inducing power balls, mixing with nuts, maple syrup, some chocolate and maybe coconut shavings…. and waaaa laaa – Ive read some amazing studies on this…. so so much better than raspberry leaf tea… – this will give your baby the bounce for a fast easy labour and an amazing birth.

2) Mango and Pineapple Juice mix

This is like rocket fuel…… needs to be fresh so requires a little bit of preparation…. But ya baby……. deliver and baby will fly like a rocket…… really good tool for a more natural birth for your baby.

3) Acupuncture with me…..

If your in Ireland, and more specifically in Cork… then I am the man with a plan for your birthing plan…. Its something I do every day… and its extremely relaxing and effective for a natural labour induction….. no guarantees…. but are their any in life…..

BTW – I also love the website absolutely one of the best places to get ideas on movements to support you in the last Trimester….

And finally, we will be launching a Labour Induction App….. (Very Soon) so do keep an eye out for that…,

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