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Those Feckin Hormones….

I have always appreciated the power of the mind. I have always known it has this amazing ability to enhance a persons experience of life, or potentially destroy them. DRAMATIC STATEMENT I know….. Each and every day patients come into me saying, ‘You must think I’m crazy’ ‘Im so sorry [...]

Low AMH & High FSH

If your seeing these types of result…. Well I assume panic has kicked in and you are freaking out…. Or maybe you have both…. And feel the world is about to collapse around you. As you search from site to site, forum to forum, the reality of the situation becomes [...]

Your Hormones in Balance… FSH, LH, Progesterone

Fertility Speak, Learn the language Just like a foreign language, we need to learn ‘Fertility Speak’ it is its own unique language with so many different terms that need to be learnt. At the start its going to seem overwhelming, and you may feel that it will never come together, [...]

Your Fertility and Age

Its really unfortunate that there are really only 3-5 days of fertility per month in a womans cycle, it would be so much easier if the body was at its peak for conception every day in a cycle, so its really important to take advantage of those fertile days. There [...]