If your seeing these types of result…. Well I assume panic has kicked in and you are freaking out…. Or maybe you have both…. And feel the world is about to collapse around you.

As you search from site to site, forum to forum, the reality of the situation becomes more and more real…

You will of course have spoken to your doctors and you will been told the stark reality of your situation.

What I find is how hard it is to truly understand what is going on here… Having High FSH is one thing and having Low AMH is a completely different issue with your reproductive system. But when you have both, well its ‘The Perfect Storm’ and you are ‘George Clooney’.

Unfortunately for us on the other side of the table from you. We feel we know what the ending is…..

Or do we…..




So what exactly does High FSH mean. To most its just a blood test done on day 3 of your cycle, you pop into you GP, get some bloods done and off home you go. A few days later the doc rings and says all is well.

Or the call comes and and your told the news isn’t great you have High FSH, its 12.5, or maybe its 16 or 24. To us normal humans, well its just a number. It can’t really be that bad…. Ok I know what I will do. Im going to ask Dr Google… She always knows best….. So off you go and WHAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fear kicks in….. The more you look into Dr Google, the more and more you realise that High FSH is not just a number….. Its not just a blood test…. Im going to be referred to the fertility clinic.

So your FSH hormone comes from your Pituitary Gland, along with a few other fertility hormones… And what its basically doing is trying to communicate with your ovaries and give them a good ole kick to get into action and start maturing some follicles….. And normally you would think the more hormones the better a job will be done. Well not with this little hormone FSH, its a delicate, sweet and innocent hormone. It likes to listens to classical music…. Does Ballet and wants a five star hotel experience. Unfortunately when its rattled and upset, it has far reaching consequences…..

So you will hear anything under 10 for your FSH levels is good. Which normally I would agree with. However, there are times where other hormones might just be masking the FSH hormones. For example oestrogen can sometime artificially lower your FSH so you need to be looking at that number also…

Off you go to you IVF fertility clinic with your FSH numbers. And your now getting your AMH bloods done…. Really more bloods…..

A few days after your first meeting you get a call from the nurse, ‘The news isn’t great – your AMH is very low, we really would like it higher than it is. You have the AMH of a 43 year old woman.’ – SERIOUSLY – I’M 34…..

So now with that wonderful news you go back to Dr Google and again. WHAM !!!!!!!

So what is Low AMH, well its a hormone that is secreted from the developing follicles in your cycle.

SO imagine we have two women, Patient A has 100 eggs and Patient B has 100 eggs. Patient A, release 3 eggs per month and Patient B release 9 eggs per month. Both have 100 eggs…

Patient A has an AMH of 2, Patient B an AMH of 10. Its a representation of the follicular recruitment process and not as 90% of people believe Ovarian Reserve. As you see both have the same number of eggs developing.

High FSH and Low AMH is what we call the perfect storm. Do you remember the ‘George Clooney’ movie…..

But there is another part of me that reads this a little different. Hormones are just part of the equation, absolutely they tell us a story, but this is the first chapter, and for most of us we go start to the last chapter to see the ending and normally well the ending ain’t too good, If and that a big if, you only look at as the numbers. Because…

There are lots and lots of women with High FSH getting pregnant around the world and they don’t know they have High FSh.

There are lots and lots of women with Low AMH getting pregnant around the world and they don’t know they have Low AMH…

And GUESS WHAT !!!!! Yes, you guessed it…

There are lots and lots of women with High FSH and Low AMH around the world getting pregnant and they don’t know they have High FSH and Low AMH…

A word of warning though…. There are lots of women not getting pregnant also. And thats when your fertility Doctor becomes very very important. And you need to listen to them.

The important thing to remember here is that nature plays a massive part in the whole process there is so much we still don’t know. And…. more and more Doctors are now starting to dismiss the whole AMH results thing…. FSH however has been around the block and is a time test valuation and should be taken seriously.

Chat soon Gordon