Video: Inducing Labour Naturally…

Hi there, its Gordon here, today lets talk about how we can help you to enhance your birthing experience.

So how exciting is this, your about to have your baby. I hope you are ready for the most amazing experience of you life… If your looking at this video, Im going to assume you want to try and have you baby in the most naturally way possible. Well thats why Im here. I have loads of tips for you today on what you can do to enhance the chances of a very quick natural labour.

Now I need to be honest here, 80% of the time, this works, but there is that 20% where baba is just way to happy inside you and has no intention of going anywhere. But in my experience its worth the effort the week or two before you go into labour.

So here is Gordons top 5 tips to having a super amazing birth for your baby…. Its also important to get the ok from your medical team first to use the following tips.

1) One of my favourite tips has to be Raspberry leaf Tea, its something that consistently proves to work over and over again, however you need to be drinking 2-3 cups a day, for at least 2-3 weeks for it too work. Now, if you find the tea too tough to drink there are tablet versions you can get at any good health food store.

2) A Birthing Ball, There are just so many beneficial ways to use one. A birthing ball can help with everything from getting birth started, to getting the baby into a favorable position or by helping a tired Momma to keep going when things get hard. The best way to use your birthing ball in the beginning is to simply sit on it and begin spiraling your hips in a circular motion. Having your birth partner standing in front of you holding your hands can help you feel more supported.

3) If you like using essential oils, then a great combination we use here at ‘Induce’ is combining Rosemary Oil and Basil, mix about 20-30 drop of each with a base oil, now the point you want to find is the outside corner of the baby nail on your foot, and rob this in 3 to 4 times a day 5 days before your due date. It work so well.

4) Date Fruits, consuming these fruits 4 weeks before you due date has a significant increase for a spontaneous labour from 79% to 96%, for those women that consumed the dates during the last month. Amazing.

5) Acupuncture, well thats us here at ‘Aculife’, I recommend sessions at week 38, 39 and week 40. And on week 40, we like to get your birthing partner in to us and we will show them all the acupressure points they need to support you in the ward, points to dilate the cervix, pain management techniques and lots of other great acupressure points for the day. It normally takes about 30 minutes to show them.

So there you go. There are of course loads of other things you can do.

So if you would like any further information do give us a call or even better make an appointment with us in the weeks coming up to you labour and lets create an amazing experience.

Thanks again, see you very soon. Gordon.

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