12 weeks to a Successful IVF

I have a couple of questions for you…. Your doing an IVF cycle. Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your cycle this guide is going to help you massively improve your chances of a successful out come.

This is going to seem like a silly question. But its a question I ask all my patients, why are they doing IVF, Stop for a moment and have a good think….

The obvious answer of course is to have a baby… Right……

I think its Wrong, IVF does not in itself get you pregnant… IVF is a process to help you improve your chances of a successful outcome to becoming pregnant. Their job is to get as many eggs as possible, fertilise them and put them back into your reproductive system….. And this to me is where the problem is….

I did a presentation recently to a number of doctors and fertility specialists, it was a wonderful opportunity to express my opinionated self…. 🙂

Slide09 copy

I started out with an image of ‘Gordon Ramsey’ in the background, to some confused facial expressions in the audience, and explained the importance of quality of ingredients, that even with an amazing restaurant, an amazing chef and kitchen, the dishes would only be as good as the ingredients that were being supplied to the restaurant.

Slide16 copy

Imagine what would happen if I brought a ‘Big Mac’ to Gordons kitchen….. I said…. and everyone had a giggle…

Slide17 copy

For me this is what is happening every day in IVF clinics, the are getting in very poor quality ingredients and hoping to create miracles… So looking at the image below what do you think. Which would you prefer to be.

These poor ingredients are poor sperm quality, poor egg quality, hormonal imbalance, low Amh and now the new kid in the block….. Autoimmune issues…

Recently I was at my GP, and had a really bad flu and had just broken my leg… While there in pain and all choked up, I asked the doc, this flu and broken leg is there anything I can do to improve the healing and fix this leg.

His answer, was ’NO’, your leg is broken and there is nothing you can do to fix it. These things are unexplained and can’t be fixed. You flu, well thats something that just happens and there is nothing you can do to get rid of it. You will have the flu for the rest of you life…

SOOOOO… When you hear that what do you think, yes I hear you….. I should definitely be going for a second opinion… And If this was a true situation, I would be out that door so fast…. Well as fast as one leg can take me…. But seriously how crazy does that sound…..

Every single day, I see new patients, all with the same story, its unexplained, it can’t be fixed and there is nothing you can do to improve it…. AND I SAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Thats a load of *&*%£@……

Every day, every day I see the impossible happen, over and over again. Where patients of mine are told there is nothing you can do to improve sperm, there is nothing you can do to improve your period, there is nothing you can do to improve the chances of a successful IVF….. Just like my Flue and broken arm….. There is so much that you can do right now…

Over the next 14 weeks Im going to show you how to create some miracles…. With a few changes here and there….. Nothing impossible…. Just improving everything by little 1%…….

So if your up for challenge and up for improved success…… Lets do it together.

I can help….

However there is one really important thing you need to take on board, I don’t get people pregnant, its not my job, your IVF clinic is not going to get you pregnant. They can only get you so far. Their aim is to get you to transfer. And that for them is success. After that its up to you and your body and nature.

I promise you there is so much you can do to increase the chances of a successful IVF, but it requires that you take ownership of the process. That you take ownership of you fertility. It requires change.

Asking the question is there anything I can do to improve my outcome will 80% of the time come back with a big fat ‘NO!’ If that were true…. I’d have the flu and a broken leg for the rest of my life. Your goal, is to do everything in your power to improve the ingredients, i.e. sperm, egg, emotional well being. Improving these by just 1% can have massive effects on improving the chances of you having a baby….

Bring crappy ingredients to your IVF cycle, you will get a crappy out come…. Improve the ingredients, you improve the outcome. Its simple really.

And just because a person wears a white coat doesnt make them right all the time.

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