A quick post for you all

Hey all this is a very quick post,

Its been a busy few weeks and I have been working on a very secret project in the background. So we have had some amazing results with the free hypnosis program that I did last year, over 20,000 people have downloaded the audio from around the world, and almost every day I would get emails telling me that they love the hypnosis / mindfulness program.

So as most of you know I get bored very easily and always take on way to much, so a few months ago I decided I wanted to build an app for my patients and for couples going through the IVF cycle, something that would help to balance the mind. And keep them SANE !!!!!!!!!!

So I have created 4 Programs:

PREP 10 – Which is a 10 day preperation program for couples doing IVF, using the basis of Mindfulness and meditation.

IVF Start – Another 10 days ish of Mindfulness specifically for each phase of the IVF cycle, down regulation, stimulation etc

Pre and Post – Exactly what it says on the tin

2 Week Wait Mindfulness – The dreaded two week wait, turned into the MOST AMAZING 2 weeks of YOUR LIVES…. through the APP…

So I wanted to put up the PREP 10, its now in the App Store and Play Store for Android and you can use it to you hearts content, now this version is still in draft, so I would love feedback, comments or any changes……

So just type in MINDFULIVF and download the app….

So there you go…. Happy Friday….

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