New Years Pregnancy Goals

Christmas for many is a happy happy time, for some its a drunken drunken time and others well a crappy crappy time…..

Ive been through enough Christmas times in my clinic now to have a plan for you when your in my clinic as a patient on how you are going to spend your xMas, so that you not just survive it, you flourish in the time with family and friends.

How everyone experienced the last few weeks was going to be their own experience.

When trying for a baby, there can be some interesting moments over Xmas.

1) The non drinker at the Office Christmas Party, who tells everyone she has a headache or is on antibiotics and was told by her doctor she couldn’t drink. And then you remember, last year, you had to carry her out before midnight, just like cinderella, before she exploded into a pumpkin after all the tequila shots… But she doesn’t look sick, she isn’t sneezing, and umm that extra large Christmas jumper she is wearing out tonight…..

ANSWER – YES YES YES – SHE IS PREGNANT. Its not in your imagination.

2) The best friend who decided 2 weeks ago they were going to try for their second baby, and get pregnant this week….

ANSWER – And she did…. AHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!! – i bet she’s starting to look like that punch bag at your Tai Bo class……

3) Your inside Starbucks Coffee having a little Christmas Carmel Latte, your in the line waiting to order and the two girls infant of you are chatting away about how she can’t believe she’s just found out its another boy and she wanted a girl this time and her life is over.

ANSWER – Her life will be over if you don’t take your hands off her neck as you slowly put her into a sleepers hold, tightening your grip ever so slightly….. OK STOP IT …… nice thought but no……

4) The Text Message – You knew if was coming, you were pregnancy text buddies, discussing all the part of your cycles, from ovulation pains, to period pains to the internalised rage you held as your partner forgot to bring home the butter for your toast….
‘ Hi Babes, guess what, I’m 12 weeks, we are so happy, I bet your next on Santas list to get pregnant’


5) CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS – Don’t you just love them, and don’t the Bride and Groom just love themselves so much to have it at the only time you have off, where you can sit down and eat as many of those little xMas chocolatey things, now you have to wait until after the wedding so you can fit into that damn dress.

We are now in 2017, most of us already have broken our goals, but if your up for one goal in particular. Having a baby, I think you should give me a call, and lets see if we can help to create a little magic, create life and make 2017 the best year ever….


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