How to enjoy Christmas

Heather is my favourite nutritionalist on the planet… I was delighted to see her email last week with some tips for Christmas. So here you go… How to enjoy Christmas when you’re trying to have a baby…. Christmas can be a really tricky time when you’re trying to conceive. You may have put in months …

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Learn to relax

I am so so aware that the last thing a couple trying for a baby needs to hear when there are having problems conceiving is. ‘Just relax and it will happen….Relax and it will happen, you are too stressed… I have been told so many times that they just want to ‘PUNCH’ that person in …

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Unexplained Infertility

Just Infertility

Wouldn’t it be great if we could disconnect our brains from our bodies and the realities of what we experience on a daily basis, just disappeared….. Wouldn’t trying for a baby, be so much easier to deal with. All you would have to do is your IVF cycle, take your suppression meds, stimulate the be …

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