How to enjoy Christmas

Heather is my favourite nutritionalist on the planet... I was delighted to see her email last week with some tips for Christmas. So here you go... How to enjoy Christmas when you’re trying to have a baby…. Christmas can be a really tricky time when you’re trying to conceive. You [...]

Learn to relax

I am so so aware that the last thing a couple trying for a baby needs to hear when there are having problems conceiving is. ‘Just relax and it will happen….Relax and it will happen, you are too stressed... I have been told so many times that they just want [...]

Eat your way to Fertility

So I was super excited that I was able to wrestle Leonard into doing a blog for me.... Now if you know me... I'm way to honest sometimes in what I say.... But it always comes with a 'HUG'... I meet up with Leonard a few months ago and I [...]

Just Infertility

Wouldn’t it be great if we could disconnect our brains from our bodies and the realities of what we experience on a daily basis, just disappeared..... Wouldn’t trying for a baby, be so much easier to deal with. All you would have to do is your IVF cycle, take your [...]

Your Immune System and Infertility

Today I wanted to talk to you about a pioneering approach to fertility by some of the top fertility clinics around the world. It involves testing and evaluating a person immune system through a simple blood test. So here goes: So, Im so excited today to have uploaded for you, [...]

Fertility Friday: Happiness & Fertility

So for my New Years resolution I decided I was going to read one new book a month... And then I thought about it more and went, Well Gordo, that aint going to happen. You dont have the time for that. And then I went, but Gordo, make the time. [...]

Moment Choices….. Do you know who you are….

So recently I was watching an episode of ‘Greys Anatomy’, Im using one of those Apple TV thingies with an American Account so I get to see about 6 episodes ahead of the Irish releases…. :-) I promise Im not going to give away too much of the episode. But [...]

Fertility Friday: IVF Stats and Unexplained Infertility

This week has been such an interesting week, with 5 positive results last week, and 3 stunning new babies being brought into this world of ours. So it was inevitable my brain and I do some reflecting….. Oh and there was one more positive this morning, so thats 6 in [...]

Video: Inducing Labour Naturally…

Hi there, its Gordon here, today lets talk about how we can help you to enhance your birthing experience. So how exciting is this, your about to have your baby. I hope you are ready for the most amazing experience of you life… If your looking at this video, Im [...]

15 years trying for a baby, 5 weeks Pregnant.

This post is about my day in clinic today..... There are times in clinic where I sit with my patients in the middle of their initial consult and Im overwhelmed by their journey. What they have done to get where they are today. Today is one of those times where [...]