Hell Yeah – or NO!!!

So as I sit here in Starbucks having a Green Tea, Im pondering over the 1st few weeks of 2017. Weirdly we are heading into March soon and it feels like Christmas is just around the corner…. Very Very Weird…..

So as of Jan 1st 2017, I set myself some new rules to living my life….. Less hours at work, More happiness and to say ‘No’ to 99% of peoples requests…. Most of my life I have defined what I do on a daily, weekly, yearly basis by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with the unfortunate outcome of saying ‘Yes’ to almost everything…… even though I soooo did not want to do it. So there is a very serious imbalance going on here…. It should be a 50/50 split…. Not 98/2…. Something has to change…..

Over the last few months I could see my energy levels dwindle, I wasn’t at my usual 75% capacity…. I know I know… most people function at 120%, being a very Type-A Approach to life…. I like to function at 75%, I have always seen value in taking time off, recharging the mind and body…

So as I dropped from 75% to 65% to 50%…. the warning lights started to go off….. I was so much more tired on the weekend, I became a little more disconnected from life…. This is a downward spiral that needed to be addressed….

2016 was just an amazing year for me, we have had so many happy patients and success in helping people not only get pregnant, but stay pregnant. And have the most gorgeous babies, whether they come to us naturally, through assisted conception, like IVF or Donor Egg and Donor Sperm, the one thing I will say, about all those babies….. when they come into my patients lives……. are so so beautiful, they are miracles and have chosen this time to come into their mums and dads lives. True miracles..

2016 I put my toes back into one of my other passions, Tech, believe or not I wasn’t always a Fertility Acupuncturist (the needle guy), Coach, counsellor(apparently), Conference Speaker (scared the crap outa me) ….. from 1997 to 2001 I was involved in the I.T. industry, then 9-11 happened and the arse fell out of the industry and we had the first Tech Bubble Crash……. Scary stuff at the time….

2016 I started to appreciate more and more the power of the ‘Mind’, over the years I have learnt its amazing power and ability to heal….. and of course its amazing ability to destroy mind and body…. Especially with fertility…. I have to admit I never really truly got into the whole ‘Mindfulness Movement’ it kinda annoyed me…… and I should have know then, once Im annoyed by something, its never the thing Im annoyed by…. Its something in me…… I eventually understood what it was that annoyed me…. And out of no where…. magic happened….. I was able to merge, my experience of Hypnosis, NLP, clinical experience and my new found love for ‘Mindfulness and Fertility’…….. without knowing it I had been teaching and helping my patients into that space, I just hadn’t named it….

2016 a weekend in April with a glass of wine in one hand and my laptop in the other ( there were a few glasses of wine by the time I had finished at 3am) I had the outline on a new project, a project with no name at the time, but an idea… 2 week later, I had a designer in Turkey, and a development team in India creating this new project…. It was exciting… it was fun…. It was tech, it was my new app – ‘Mindful IVF’

I was working in clinic during the day and night and scripting and recording the audio when ever I had a free second… I zipped down to a recording studio in Blarney to record my audio professionally…. The spark was alight…. Friends would say they hadn’t seen me like this in a long long time….

2016 November, ‘Mindful IVF’ is launched in the Play Store and App Store….. what a rush……. I took pictures of the launch, me in my office, pressing the Launch button… doing my first ever selfies…. patients relaxing in the treatment rooms….. 10 minutes later I downloaded it onto my phone……

2 days late… having coffee…. I read an article on phone apps, 95% of apps fail, they never get downloaded outside of friends and family…. My heart sank….. all that time and energy wasted….. why the hell did I not read that article 6 months ago, it had been on my desktop for months….

2017 Feb 18th – I am delighted to say that over 2000 people are currently using the app to help them through their IVF cycles around the world… I know Im not going to retire on the app, but now Im able to reach far and wide and help more and more people on their journey….

You will however have to get over the ‘Cork Accent’ I am planning to launch more languages in the future for people in Kerry and Dublin just in case you don’t understand the ole accent….

2017 is the year of ‘No’ – I will let you into a secret…. It should never be about yes and no, 90% of the time you will say yes even though you want to say no….. from now on I want you to change your thought process into ‘Hell Ya, Thats amazing’ or ‘NO !!! ‘ you see if its not a Hell Ya, well its never for you, its for others…. 2017 needs to be about you…. Slowing down…. Recharging the batteries, recharging you both in mind and body. Take charge of you and say ‘No’ to everything…. And then the ‘Hell Yes !!!! ‘ comes out of no where…… So if I say ‘No’ to you – I am so sorry, its really not you… It’s me…. Hell YA !!!!!!!

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