Anovulation means lack of ovulation. Ovulation, which is the release of an egg from the ovary, must happen in order to achieve pregnancy, it occurring in up to 40% of woman who are defined with explained infertility.

When a woman is anovulatory, she can not get pregnant, without ovulation there is no release of an egg, so no possibility of fertilisation. This in turn will mean that there will be no progesterone in the cycle, which in turn may cause menstrual problems where the woman may have no menstrual cycle.

As there is an imbalance of the hormones in the reproductive system, there may be no cervial fluids which will leave the cervix acidic. With a hormonal imbalance this could also effect the womans egg quality. Poor egg quality can also lead to recurrent miscarriage.

Some women who do not ovulate experience irregular bleedings or spotting. For many women, their bleeding is painless and irregular the women may believe they have their menstruation when, in fact, they suffer from anovulation.

not ovulating

Anovulation can have many causes:


some types of drugs,


hormonal imbalances,

excessive exercise or

weight loss

If you are experiencing a lack of a regular ovulation cycle, it is recommend that you visit your medical doctor and gets your reproductive bloods checked.

Anovulation is also a potential cause for Amenorrhea, this is where there is a lack of a menstrual cycle. Amenorrhea can be either primary or secondary, with primary amenorrhea, menstruation never begun, with secondary its usually where 4-6 cycles have been missed in a row.

Missing one menstrual period is rarely a sign of a serious problem or an underlying medical condition, but amenorrhea of more than 3 months could mean the presence of a disease.

Potential causes amenorrhea?

hypothalamic problems,


extreme exercise

emotional or physical stress

prolactine issues with pituitary gland


Pregnancy is an obvious cause of amenorrhea and is the most common reason for secondary amenorrhea. If you are having problems getting pregnant and you think that you are not ovulating. Call us and we have some great advice to help you. We are only a phone call away….